Formal agreements, monitoring program among Fort St. John's Site C requirements

Overall, council has five overarching positions regarding Site C. It insists that all staging areas, camps and the powerhouse be included in City boundaries, so that they can generate revenue for the City, and be developed at City standards. Council believes there needs to be greater collaboration and joint decision making on key components of the project specific to the City, with organizations like School District 60, Northern Health and the RCMP.

To address the impacts Fort St. John will experience, council also says B.C. Hydro must provide adequate and sustainable funding to the City, through a formal agreement. The City will also require an independent monitoring program to be set up before construction to identify any unforeseen impacts, and will require Hydro to enter into legally binding agreement incorporating all of the commitments it's made. The paper says that was one of the most supported positions by the community.
The rest of the paper includes positions pertaining to certain aspects of the dam itself, including local hiring and training, only building one camp in the City's boundaries north of the Peace River, and constructing a two-lane bridge across the Peace River, which had previously been cut from plans.
City council says it is confident that its position has the full support of residents and organizations in the community, after months of consultation. It also says it will continue to consult with local citizens and organizations, other local governments and First Nations groups.
A copy of the position paper is available for download below.