Fracking leak contaminates groundwater near Grande Prairie

In addition, according to a Board release yesterday, it then failed to realize the leak was occurring underground. It also says, “There were multiple opportunities to recognize that a problem existed, which could have prevented, or at least minimized the impact of the hydraulic fracturing operation above the base of groundwater protection.”

ERCB spokesman Daren Barter says a drinking water source near the surface was not affected, but a groundwater basin below it was contaminated. He adds this is considered a “serious”, if rare, incident and the board gave the company a “high risk enforcement action” ordering it to supply a revised fracking plan.
Barter also says the board did not release details of the incident at the time, because the location was considered remote, and there was no public impact. He's confirmed the ERCB rarely issues a fine, and instead gets the situation corrected, but he adds if  a company fails to comply with remedial orders, a well operation could be temporarily suspended.
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