Horst finishes fourth in finals at opening Red Bull Crashed Ice event

Horst’s season opening event was a success right to the semi finals, when the Fort St. John firefighter placed second place in the first heat, behind Cameron Nash of the U.S.

In the finals, Horst jumped out to a quick lead down the steep race drop-in plunge, but unfortunately fell at the bottom, sending him from first to fourth in a matter of milliseconds.


Due to the speed of which the racers travel, Horst was unable to make up ground following his fall, which resulted in him placing fourth in the final race.

Kyle Croxall went on to take first place in Niagara Falls and retains his number one status entering the next event.

Despite the stumble in the finals, Horst still managed to finish fourth out of 156 of his fellow racers, which should provide ample confidence as he prepares for the second race of the season, being held in St. Paul, Minnesota for the second straight year.

The action takes place in St. Paul on January 26, 2013.