Jay Hill fined for breaching lobbying law

According to an investigation by Deputy Registrar of lobbyists Mary Carlson, Hill had registered to lobby as a consultant for Spectra Energy, but actually had no intention of lobbying on the company's behalf.

Spectra later denied that Hill had been contracted to lobby on its behalf. Bruce Pydee, Senior Officer for Spectra, did say that Hon. Jay Hill Consulting Inc. had been hired for advice from November 2010 to November 2011, and he was not required as a lobbyist.
Hill later explained that he had filed the registration out of caution should he "ever agree to lobby on behalf of the company in the future".
Carlson says the situation is an "unusual" one.
"One would not ordinarily expect that a person would register an undertaking to lobby when the person had not contracted to lobby, was not presently lobbying, and when 'it was not contemplated in this conversation that I would lobby on behalf of the Company at that date or in the future," she writes in her report, referencing a statement in Hill's affidavit on the matter.
She concluded that he was not lobbying on behalf of Spectra, making the information filed inaccurate. The administrative penalty was originally $2,500, but was reduced in light of the circumstances surrounding the offence.