NEAT takes home $10,000 from Fuelling Change competition

The finalists are chosen by votes on social media, and although "Green Freight" didn't receive enough votes to win in the $100,000 category, every project that qualifies receives $10,000. Program Coordinator Karen Mason-Bennett says that funding will be used to explore food security options in local communities.

"I think we're going to be looking at opportunities to develop programming, but it also allows us the opportunity to partner up with existing programs such as the community garden and some of the Health Unit initiatives," she explains. "It just allows us to bring a little bit more time and people to the table."
NEAT's Green Change project hopes to increase food security in the Peace Region, by growing fresh vegetables year round in insulated shipping containers. Those containers would have LED growing lights and a hydroponics system powered by alternative energy. The intention is to place these containers side-by-side on brownfield lots, so the produce would be available directly to residents.
The project is now on hold, waiting for a board decision on whether or not to go forward with it.
:46 "I think we'll just kind of evaluate the options we have available to us and then sit down at some point and figure out whether that's something that we really want to go forward with," says Mason-Bennett.
For more information on the "Green Freight" project, click here.