Southridge Trailer Park fire "difficult to extinguish"

"The fire was very difficult to extinguish as it had gotten from underneath the trailer and into the walls and then followed the beams under the trailer," he explains. "It didn't necessarily break out into the home for a long time, but in the process of trying to extinguish the fire, it suffered some extensive damage."

Firefighters were battling the fire in a number of different spots, and had to break through some walls as the fire had burnt up inside the walls and travelled to the attic space. Overall, they were there almost four hours, and firefighters kept a watch overnight.
Unlike many other fires, the rooms inside were not actually engulfed in flames, and firefighters were able to make efforts to save personal items and Christmas gifts.
A relative of the female who occupied the home will be meeting with Burrows today, and is expected to give an update on her condition. She was taken to hospital with unknown injuries.
We will update when we learn more about her condition, any relief efforts and the cause of the fire.