What's next for Northern Groove

"As it keeps growing it's going to be tough because for me personally, it means that I'll be spending more time in the administration of it, and that's somebody else's dream to be in the print media industry," he says. "I'd rather be spending time in the community doing community building; that's what I do, that's my personal mission."

However, for those who look to Northern Groove as their guide to Fort St. John, never fear.  Members of the public will still be able to submit articles and write-ups about what's going on in the Energetic City to the website. Northern Groove originally started as a directory for people to post events, and Eggleston says that's how it will continue: as a tool for the community to promote what they're doing.
"Our mission is still the same: find a way to inform, connect and engage the community so that we can show people that this town has all these amazing opportunities and things to participate and join in."
He points out that a common misconception of community is that there's nothing to do here, assumption he says is not the reality.
The December issue of Northern Groove was postponed, and a final, "best yet" magazine will be published in February. Eggleston says it will be all about thanking those who have made Northern Groove what it is.
"It's really important to know that the magazine has been written by the community basically," he explains. "We've had over 500 writers that have produce over 3,000 pieces of content, that's produced on our website over a million hits. There's a lot of people in this community who are invested in this."
A farewell event, to be held on February 23, 2013, will be open to the public, to recognize everyone who's had a hand in Northern Groove's success. After that, Eggleston says he excited to have more time to spend on projects, and is happy with the lifeline of his brain child.
"It's been an education, and a great opportunity and it's been able to serve a lot of people."