Airport subdivision water woes back again

They pay the same $3 per cubic metre bulk rate as rural residents, compared to the $1.12 municipal residents pay.

Mayor Lori Ackerman says Area C Director Arthur Hadland wanted to ask the municipal auditor general to look at rural water prices outside of Fort St. John, something she maintains isn't within their mandate. As well, Lori says that the Regional District's response to any offers she's made to meet and discuss the issue has been that it's not within their mandate to discuss water prices as well.
"There's been no desire for the Regional District to set up a meeting to discuss water with the airport residents," she said. "The RD has made it repeatedly clear that the water service purchasers for the airport subdivision purchase their water from the airport and the 57 participants there are collectively responsible for the cost of their water that is purchased plus the running and maintaining of their water lines." 
Council voted to reaffirm the policy they have in place and to share it with the Regional District.
Ackerman mentions that the City assumes the responsibility for keeping the water it provides up to safe drinking water standards, which adds to the cost, and adds that other rural residents also pay to truck their water in while those in the airport subdivision may not. The mayor says she has only received emails from one resident complaining about water service there.
A consultant was brought in in 2009 to look at the pricing of the water system, and at that time it was recommended that the current system was justified.