Fort St. John RCMP wait to recover swallowed evidence

The two males were arrested on January 22 as a part of a dial-a-dope investigation, and they were kept in custody until the packages of cocaine passed through their bodies. In total, approximately half an ounce of cocaine was recovered, worth $1,500 on the street.

Corporal Jodi Shelkie explains that this was very risky for the suspects to try.
"If the cocaine packaging were to be compromised in their stomach, the suspects could easily overdose and possibly die.  Also, we can wait them out," she argues. "We know it's going to show up sooner or later; there's no
getting around that."
RCMP is recommending charges of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and obstruction against 28 year old Tumee Panthachith and 38 year old Scott Charles Hicks, both from the Fort St. John area. They have been released with a February court date.