Fundraising a major part of road to beauty pageant

Efforts have begun to start fundraising for the Variety Children's Charity, which counts towards 10 per cent of a competitor's final score. Apples says she'll be planning some events in the upcoming months to help her reach her fundraising goal.

"Last year with the Miss B.C. Pageant I had tons of success with businesses giving gift certificates and products and game tickets… It was awesome how much support was given, so I'll be contacting definitely more businesses to get some incentives for people to come and donate their money."
In addition, Apples is continuing to fundraise for  an orphanage in Guatemala, which to hopes to volunteer at in the next couple of months, and also continues to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver. All of that charity work will help her in the competition, as the Miss World Canada Pageant values both inner and outer beauty, and volunteering helps factor into a contestant's success.
In addition to fundraising for various charities, Apples is also looking for people and businesses to sponsor her personally to cover the cost of competing, which starts at $2,400 for hotels, food and training during the pageant.
"Sponsorship fees are really expensive, and for them to just come out of my pocket, it's too much," she explains. "With getting businesses, it's a tax write off because it's advertisement… Miss World Canada obviously is a huge organization, so their logo and their name will be on the pageant page under my picture, so it's great exposure for them."
Apples already has her dress sponsored, and has a spa that sponsors her, so she's only looking for the minimum sponsorship amount. She's already raised some donations, and sponsorships, and only has $1,600 left to reach her goal. Those who sponsor her will get recognition on the Miss World Canada website, and social media pages.
In the meantime, Apples is working on keeping up a healthy, balanced lifestyle, in preparation for the dreaded bikini portion of the pageant, and working on her talent, which is dancing. There's also photo shoots, and dress fittings, to fit into her packed work and volunteering schedule.
"It's a lot of work, a lot of time consuming that goes into it, but it's a lot of fun and it's a goal and something to look forward to an be inspired by," she says.
Training begins on May 1, and the Miss World Canada Pageant will take place on May 8 and 9 in Vancouver.