Idle No More flash dance in Fort St. John

A tea dance is a traditional dance from the Treaty 8 area that's done at traditional gatherings and in prayer.

Organizer Raven Huyton says today's peaceful protest was about raising awareness about Idle No More, and getting Canadians to start asking questions.
"What is Idle No More? What's going on? When people ask questions and pass knowledge, that's what's so powerful with the movement of the legislation that's being passed and the fairness part of it," she says. "People need to be educated on what's fair and what's been going on… That's what's powerful about being seen and having our voices heard is knowledge being passed."
The Idle No More movement has swept the nation over the past two months, to raise awareness of issues Aboriginal people face and demanding changes from the federal government. An Idle No More International Day of Action is next set for January 28th.