Jakubowski South Korea bound for 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games

She was seen off by a group of Fort St. Johner’s, including Mayor Lori Ackerman, who attended to offer her best wishes for the athlete.

Before departing, Jakubowski said despite some ups and downs during training, she’s ready to compete.


"I’m feeling great now that my shoulder is healed… I was sure glad we went running, because I found out my back was out and my shoulder, which affected me. But now I’m ready to go and I’m just pumped right up, and I tell you it’s going to be an awesome experience."

However, Jakubowski also says she’s feeling mixed emotions entering the grand stage of competition.

"I’m excited, but I’m going to be nervous when I hit the track the first time because I don’t know what to expect and I’ve never been there. There’s a lot of people compared to here, and I’m not usually for crowds, but I guess I can get use to that."

When examining her competition, the snowshoe racer says she’s got her plate full when it comes to the calibre of athlete she’ll be going up against, but she has to keep focused and trust her training.

"In a way I’m kind of nervous because I’ve heard some countries are better than others. But I just have to put in my mind that if I can do it here, I can do it there."

She says rumour has it Hungary is one of the favourites entering the event.

Regardless of her competition, Jakubowski says she feels honoured to represent Canada, and will enter the event with the mindframe of not letting down her country, as well as her hometown of Fort St. John.

Before competing, Jakubowski will have to endure an 11 hour flight to South Korea, something she says she has prepared for, making a list of simple leg exercises she can do throughout the flight to keep her legs active and in racing shape.

The 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games will begin on January 29, running until February 5.