NEAT getting involved in proper medication disposal program

The program, put in place in 1996, was designed to ensure safe and effective method to dispose of old or expired prescription drugs, while also including orally ingested over-the-counter medication, and natural health products.

This year is the first year NEAT has offered their cooperation in the program, providing proper disposal options to the Peace Region for the first time, which will fit in quite nicely with NEAT’s annual Medication turned Awareness month, held every year in January.

Karen Mason-Bennett, Program Coordinator at the Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) says the main inspiration behind the program is benefiting not only current, but future B.C. communities as well.

“NEAT is concerned with the overall health of our communities. Returning medication to pharmacies is an easy and effective way of ensuring that both our families and our environment stay healthy for the foreseeable future.”

From an environmental safety standpoint, the avoidance of medicine being flushed down the toilet into water supplies, or accumulating in landfills, will prove to be extremely beneficial to the health of not only the land, but its inhabitants.  

The program has been extremely well received by the B.C. pharmacy community, as 95 per cent of pharmacies province wide have included themselves in the campaign.

For more information on the program, or to find out which pharmacies are offering the program within your community, visit the campaign’s official website.