Northeast B.C. courts part of paralegal pilot project

They will also be allowed to provide legal advice in areas where they've been deemed capable.

Paralegals are not lawyers, but have an education in legal matters and normally work under the supervision of a lawyer. The hope is that using paralegals for these services will make it cheaper for clients, as well as speed up court matters that may have been slowed down by people trying to represent themselves.
"Together with the courts, we’re trying this out for two years to see whether paralegals can provide these services in an effective and competent manner," says Doug Munro, a policy lawyer with the Law Society. "It is our hope that the project succeeds and can eventually be expanded into other areas of law."
The pilot project will tested for two years, and will only apply to family matters, and paralegals will only deal with procedural matters. It will be tried out in provincial courtrooms in the Cariboo, northeast B.C. and Surrey, and supreme courtrooms in Vancouver, New Westminster and Kamloops.