PRRD drops plan for park at Peace Valley Lookout

For years the lookout had been used as an informal garbage dump for old appliances and even vehicles, much of which was removed in 2011. Fencing and picnic tables have since been installed.

However, some of those additions had to be moved after a couple of small landslides last year, and further reports show there is some risk in further developing the site. Fort St. John Director Bruce Christensen says that although that risk is low, the PRRD decided at its meeting today it wasn't worth it.
"What if somebody's parked there and it decides to move, that type of an issue," he argues. "It's not something the Regional District Board felt at this time that they wanted to invest any more money in." 
However, the board also voted to write a letter to MLA Pat Pimm, "strongly suggesting" that operation of the site be taken over by the provincial government. All of the reports already commissioned by the PRRD would be handed over in the chance that a government agency or non-profit group wishes to consider developing the site into a park.
"A private organization or a business could come along and say, ' We think that the site could be developed,'" says Christensen. "Certainly I think there would be support given to them, because it's certainly a very beautiful spot."
By discontinuing the park project, it's estimated the PRRD saved over $1 million.