Take 15 minutes to improve your family's literacy

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This year's theme is "15 Minutes of Fun", to inspire families to take the time to learn together every day. Evans says there are plenty of activities families can easily do together, like counting the number of "A"s in the menu at a restaurant or guessing how much their food is going to cost at the grocery store.

"Doing these different activities just 15 minutes a day, reading or other learning activities, with children is crucial to their development," she explains. "All it takes is 15 minutes a day and these skills can dramatically helps the child's literacy and learning for life, as well as the parent's literacy."
A list of suggestions for other activities can be found on www.abclifeliteracy.ca.
The North Peace Literacy Alliance will be holding activities throughout January to help families learn together through fun games. A schedule will be posted when available.
For information other literacy programs available in Fort St. John contact the Literacy Outreach Coordinator at 250-262-2088 or locfsj@gmail.com.


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