Training and keeping government officials in the north


As a partnership with Northern Development Initiative Trust and the Local Government Management Association, the University of Northern British Columbia has launched a new internship program to train graduates interested in careers as local government administrators in northern communities. It's believed that government officials trained in the north will stay in the north.
"It really is the local government equivalent to the Northern Medical Program, in that it’s a program hosted in the north to meet a specific local need," says Internship Program developer and UNBC Political Science Professor Gary Wilson. "It’s a great match for Northern Development, whose mandate is to develop northern communities, and for UNBC, who is here to educate students so that they can one day take on these important roles."
The program is aimed at recent UNBC grads who specialized in areas like public administration and community development, but is open to anyone with an interest or background in local government. The one year internship will be funded by Northern Development, with training and support by the participating municipalities.
The application deadline for the first internships is February 22. For more information, click here.