Vending machines coming soon to Fort St. John recreational facilities

MAX! Healthy Vending, locally operated out of Cecil Lake since April 2012, will be responsible for installing, cleaning and restocking the machines at least once a week.

The dual temperature zone machines will each hold 12 healthy snack choices and 18 cold drinks, at a cost of $1.25 to $3.25 each. A video screen will display nutritional information about each product, and cash, credit cards and NFC cell phone payment will be accepted.
Another unique feature is that users will have input into what the machine is stocked with, by visiting, entering the machine's number, and choosing from the available products. Glass bottles, gum, sunflower seeds and popcorn are not allowed.
The City will provide electricity to the machines and garbage bins, and will receive 10 per cent of net revenues from each machine. As the contract begins today, and the owner has machines available immediately, it's likely they will be installed very soon.
The City voted in October 2012 to allow vending machines in local recreational facilities to fill a void that's been left by a lack of concession options at non-peak hours.