Billy Talent excited to return to Dawson Creek

While home for a rehearsal break in Toronto, lead guitarist Ian D'Sa spoke with Moose FM/ about the excitement of touring Canada again, and what fans can expect at the Encana Events Centre.

"We haven't done a Canadian tour since the last record, so we're really excited to be out on the road and bringing some great bands and good friends out with us."
He says along with a handful of songs from their newest album, Dead Silence, the crowd will also get a good blend of songs from their first three albums that fans love.
Joining D'Sa and bandmates Ben Kowalewicz, Jonathan Gallant and Aaron Solowoniuk on tour will be Hollerado, Indian Handcrafts, and Sum 41, who brought the band on tour with them back in 2003. After touring solo for nearly a year, D'Sa says they're looking forward to having some company for this leg, as they haven't toured with Sum 41 since.
"Especially when it's a month long tour like that, that's what makes it," he explains, "being on the road with guys that are good friends and like to have fun, so we're just stoked about that."
While the comforts of home will be welcomed by the band, they're also bringing back a multitude of new experiences from travelling the world yet again. They're more popular in some countries than other, which D'Sa says means they get to perform everywhere from big arenas to small venues, while always playing as best as they can. He also points to a train ride from Moscow to the Ukraine when the conductor stopped the train so they could get something to eat, and when the doors opened they were met by a group of women with dolls and homemade meals to sell.
"We always miss home when we've been on the road too long, but that's the fun part of touring: getting to experience other cultures and try different food and see how other people live," he says. "Coming home you realize how lucky we are and how great of a country this is to come home to."
Outside of the tour, D'Sa touched on the work the band has done in the past with the Kids Help Line, and says that will continue, especially with recent high profile bullying cases.
"It's something that's really important to us," he says. "It has been a lot more in the media lately than it ever has been and that's a good thing; I think people need to be more aware that it still happens."
He adds that many people think bullying is a thing of the past, but things like the internet make it easier than ever.
Billy Talent will take the stage on March 18, 2013 at the Encana Events Centre in Dawson Creek with Sum 41, Hollerado and Indian Handcrafts. Tickets may be purchased online at, by phone at 1-877-339-8499, and in person at the Dawson Co-op High Performance Outlet or the Tiger Box Office Plus in the Encana Events Centre.