Charlie Lake Fire Department inviting public to open house

The open house will also allow the public to express input into the proposed 2013 budget, along with the five year capital plan for the Department.

An update will also be available for the fire service review, completed in 2012, which will be on display to show the progress made by the Department and the Regional District since April 1, 2012.


Arthur Hadland, Area ‘C’ Director, says he’s pleased with the services provided by the Charlie Lake Fire Department.

“I think the community has given a strong mandate to the Peace River Regional District to ensure that the safety of people and property is protected. I am pleased with the efforts of the past and present fire services at Charlie Lake by the Fire Chief, staff and volunteers.”

The Department will also be looking for input on whether a Fire Service Advisory Committee should be established, which would be comprised of members of the community at large. The Committee would provide budget oversight, as well as supporting the Department on public relations and community engagement efforts, while also continuing the open house forum, providing general information to the public on an annual basis.

Thursday’s open house will be running from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.