City moves ahead with affordable housing recommendations

Back in September, 2012, the Affordable Housing Committee also presented a series of recommendations to city council, and council has subsequently approved seven tasks based on those suggestions. They've prioritized the city's current needs, with low cost market as the highest priority, to help those living in transitional and supportive housing that want to own their own homes. Emergency shelters were ranked lower on the list, as city staff say there is little more council can do to help that isn't already being done with community groups.

Other recommendations approved by council include adhering to a section of the Official Community Plan that allows council to consider changes to land use based on a changing economic and social environment, and to require input from the Affordable Housing Committee on applications that may affect affordable housing in the community.
A review of the existing housing stock in the city will be done, as well as the potential build outs, using the vacant land inventory that was recently completed. Lastly, the City will push to have the potential temporary work camps for Site C built in a similar way to the Olympic Village, working with B.C. Hydro to create a system that will make affordable housing a benefit if the project is approved.
Staff will now start work on these tasks and report back with their findings.