Delays mean B.C. Hydro over budget on new Taylor boat launch

Work began back in September 2012, but B.C. Hydro spokesperson Bob Gammer explains it has taken longer than expected due to weather, and the poor ground conditions crews encountered in the initial stages.

"That has slowed us down, but at this point, with the cofferdam complete, it should be pretty straightforward," he argues.
The cofferdam, which is steel piling driven around the work area so crews can work on dry land, has been completed and is getting a final look-over by engineers. Water will then be pumped out of the area for a few days, and the construction of the boat ramp is expected to begin next week. The goal is to be completed by March 31, 2013.
In addition to time, the delay has also ended up costing B.C. Hydro more money. Gammer says at this point it's too early to say what the final cost will be, but says they will likely be above their initial budget by over 20 per cent.
"The construction of the cofferdam has proven to be more, in terms of time, and therefore cost, than we had first anticipated given the conditions that we were working in."
When the boat launch is completed, it will still be owned by the District of Taylor, but the costs of construction and maintenance will be borne by Hydro as part of its water licence requirements.