Fruit trees at Pomeroy Sport Centre “deliberately” sawed down by vandals

 “These are trees that were planted with a lot of care, love, and were quite a bit of a pride in our community,” she says. “They were bearing significant fruit and to see this type of destruction in our community, to see this lack of respect for not only public property, but something like a tree, is very hard for staff in particular that maintains these trees, but I think all of us that try to ensure that our community is a great place to live.”
Photos shared in council chambers show stumps that appear to have been hand-sawed one-by-one. Acting mayor Gord Klassen says this type of incident after compliments on this community’s spirit during the weekend is particularly unfortunate.
“I guess maybe a reminder even to us as a community that it is ours and to be watching for things like that and just being aware of what’s going on around us,” he adds.
There are cameras outside of the Pomeroy Sport Centre, and Hunter says the City is currently reviewing video tapes from the weekend to find out how this happened. A report has also been filed with the RCMP.