Middle school students working with professional musicians

During the 10 day program, students will be take songwriting lessons and learn how to write songs about aspects of their schoolwork with arts educators and musicians Melissa Larkin and D'Ari Lisle. Those songs will then get recorded with Lisle, who is a producer and the lead singer of an indie rock back in Toronto.

School District 60 Director of Instruction Stephen Petrucci says this is another great opportunity to try project-based learning in the school district.
"Any time we can integrate the arts into our curriculum, it will only enhance the learning experience," he says. "This program is another example of our district's pioneer leadership in creative learning, and one that other school districts in the province and beyond will likely be looking to follow."
At the end of the program, a listening party will be held for students, parents and the community to hear the final product of their work. It will take place at the North Peace Cultural Centre, which was instrumental in bringing Darkspark to Fort St. John, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 12.