New fracking initiative considering consultation session in Fort St. John

Such participating companies include Baker Hughes Canada Company, Calfrac Well Services Ltd., Canyon Technical Services Ltd., GasFrac Energy Services LP, Halliburton Group Canada, Iron Horse Energy Services, Sanjel Corporation, Schlumberger Canada Limited and Trican Well Services Ltd.

By supporting the initiative, the companies named above signify their dedication to communicate with communities, as well as continuously improve their development with Canada’s oil and gas resources.


The program’s next step will be developing a code of conduct that addresses hydraulic fracturing operations, which will be built through a collaborative effort between on-the-ground stakeholders located in communities where oil and gas development is active.

Mark Salkeld, president and CEO of PSAC, says the public’s input will be crucial in helping develop the new guidelines.

"We won’t build this code of conduct in isolation. We are going to listen to local residents, land owners and elected officials in areas of industry activity and consider their input, in order to draft a code of conduct that defines mutual expectations for working with stakeholders, as well as standard practices for sound technical and environmental performance when fracturing a well."

Consultations will begin this April, and will be held in various locations throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C.

With regards to consultation meetings in the Peace Region, Salkeld says that because Fort St. John is somewhat central to a variety of neighbouring communities, it would be a perfect place to hold a large gathering. He says nothing has officially been scheduled yet, but the PSAC is looking to hold the meeting come spring time.


Salkeld adds that trust and safety are two of the main priorities with regards to the new program.

"This is about improving communication with local communities in an effort to enhance transparency in our operations, and build greater public trust in our members’ commitment to ensuring the safe operations of our industry."

PSAC says it expects to release the new code of conduct by the conclusion of the year.