Northern Lights Raceway welcoming neighbours to the track

According to Kenton Schultz, Advertising/Promotions Director for the North Peace Bracket Association, the lease on the usually used Fairview Track has expired, and the Association needed a new track to race on while it searches to establish one of its own, somewhere in the Grande Prairie area.

Due to a lack of track availability close to that area, the North Peace Bracket Association will be using the Northern Lights Raceway to run their races on, which will take place on off weeks from the Raceway’s regular schedule.


Schultz says accepting the offer to use Fort St. John’s track was an easy decision, as the two raceways have worked well together in the past.

“The two associations have worked very closely together for the past number of years anyways, coordinating our races to run on off weeks from each other, so that everyone in the peace country can partake. So we’re going to run our races on their off weeks, and then our racers will join in with them on their weeks.”

When asked about the feedback received from racers, Schultz says that it’s been very positive, especially from the IHRA Fort St. John racers, who can use the less competitive North Peace Bracket racing Association races to “dial in their cars” and race in a more relaxed atmosphere.  

Schultz says that when considering a track, Fort St. John’s Northern Lights Raceway was on the top of the list.

“Fort St. John was our first choice, they actually approached us when they heard that the lease was up and the other track we were working on would not be ready for this season. The two racing associations have worked very closely in the past and it’s almost like it’s meant to be just by the way it’s working out and the way people are responding.

He said that racers are excited to begin racing on the track, which has a great reputation in the regional racing community.

“It’s a great facility. The Fort St. John track is awesome, it’s a fast track, the volunteers who run it and the crew is just excellent up there. They run a really great race.”

Races will tentatively begin the weekend of June 1 and 2, also taking place during weekends in July and August.

Schultz says that fingers crossed, the North Peace Bracket Association’s new track will be complete by the summer of 2015 and as long as they are welcome at the Northern Lights Raceway, they will continue to race there until the new track is available, an opportunity his Association is grateful for.

“I wouldn’t say we were surprised by them because they are such great people involved with that Association. But we were very flattered, because for them to come to us, it’s pretty awesome for them to invite us into their home, because it’s pretty personal, it’s their home track.”