Shell donates over $100,000 to United Way

Dean Freeman of Shell Canada Fort St. John, said that the money raised was made possible by the tremendous amount of support received through various 2012 fundraisers put on by Untied Way, specifically the Charity Golf Tournament and the Fire Truck Pull.

Niki Hedges, Community Development & Campaign Officer North East for the United Way, says the money will go to improve the lives of many individuals.


“Your money that you donate really has a huge impact. Whatever level you donate to, you know that your funds will go to help the most amount of people, have the greatest impact, and really really make a difference in people’s lives every single day.”

The money will go to support various local organizations United Way has set out to provide assistance too, such as the Women’s Resource Society, the Literary Society, the Spinal Chord Injury Society and the Community Multicultural and Immigration Services, just to name a few.