Column from MLA Pat Pimm

March 3-10th, 2013 has officially been designated Cowboy Heritage Week. I am very pleased to have been part of the very first Cowboy Heritage Week in the Province of British Columbia. To be very honest I did not realize that we have never acknowledged those true legends of our area with an actual formal designation.

I was involved in making this a reality but I want to say that it was truly due to the good work of my colleague from Caribou South- Donna Barnett and the local Cattlemen from that area that deserve the real credit for making this a reality. Our newly appointed Lieutenant Governor, Judy  Guichon was a former President of the British Columbia Cattlemens Association, so when the idea was presented to her it was an absolute natural fit and the work got under way to make it happen. This will become an annual event where we will acknowledge the Pioneers and Cowboys of our community for all of the hard work that they have done over the years to make this Province of ours one of the very best places in the world to live and raise a family.

I was honoured on Friday to have an event in my office to acknowledge the first ever Cowboy Heritage Week and I had a few cowboys attend to help me make it official in our area as well as all areas of the Province. I was fortunate to have old cowboys like Len Copeland, Larry Cooper, Fern Mertens and some of the newer generation cowboys like Ken and Carley Siemens, Dennis Beattie and my wife Jody with me to make the first Cowboy Heritage Week a success.


I had originally contacted our Cattlemen's Association, the Grain Growers, Bison Association and Rodeo Associations to try to acknowledge as many folks as we could; however with calving season in full swing it was very hard to get many of them away from their duties on the farm at this time of year. I do however want to acknowledge a few Cowboy Pioneers by name and I want to apologize up front for the many that I am going to miss but here goes. We have so many that fall into this category and I just want to say thank you for all that you have done over the years.

I want to start with my mom, Josephine Pimm, the Cassidy Family, the Collison's, Mac McGarvey, George Spence, the Fines family, Pitts family, Emerson McDoll, the Good family, Allen Low, Bill Bedier, Scobeys, McElhaneys, Ollie Playton, Ed Burgeon, Lonny Quassa, Donnally's, Bouiffioux's, McKenzies, Gradies, Slim Burns, Renee Denee, the Wiles Family, Tom Ferrell, Johnny Cox, the Ardill family, the Pecks, the Tompkins, Kjos family, Sorenson's, Clovis, Kosicks, Brandls, Buchanens', Bickfords, the Patterson family, Sodergrens, Frampst, Copes, Donaldsons, Powells, Beatons , Beatties, the Goodvins, Prestons, Goodbun, Sandy McLeod and family, the Anderson's, Borings, Fells, Mills, Finch, Southwicks, Donis, the Ross family, Fleets, Greens, Pomeroys, Meeks, Streepers, Gardiners, Loewens, Turchanskis, Schecks, Dominics, Blakestons, Palmers, Surerus, Hills, Pickels, Martins, Rhyasons, Sewells, Coles, Hubleys, Colins, Cooper-Barging, and to the many, many more that I haven't mentioned here – Thank you for all that you have contributed.

Pat Pimm-MLA, Peace River North