No fireworks for Fort St. John

However, at today's City Council meeting, Mayor Lori Ackerman questioned the safety of selling fireworks at all, as well as how they affect the quality of life of residents.

"It does say that fireworks shall not be given or furnished to a person under the apparent age of 19. It does not say that you have to be a certain age to light those things off," she points out. "Regardless of what their age is, my concern, I guess, is the maturity," she said.
Fire Chief Fred Burrows says research done by Fire Prevention Officer Simon Caughill found that the majority of B.C. communities also don't allow fireworks at all, only allowing for public display. The City will still be permitted to use fireworks at civic events, like Canada Day, where there are professionals on hand should there be an issue.
"If people feel that they need to have fireworks then they can go to some private property or elsewhere outside of the community where they're not going to be in a high density residential area," argues Ackerman.
Stores within Fort St. John city limits will also be prohibited from selling fireworks, by recommendation of the Fire Department.
"If we're not going to allow any people to discharge fireworks in the city, we would prefer not to provide licence or allow the corner grocery to sell them," said Burrows. "We would just be encouraging misbehaviour with them."
Burrows admits there may be some issues with fireworks coming from the Regional District, which could be remedied through information sharing with RCMP and bylaw officers.
The bylaw was given second and third reading with the amendment, and will come into effect with the final reading.