Reintroduced service to NLC, Sunday and holiday service among goals in draft transit review


That draft proposal will now undergo public consultation to confirm both short-term and long-term goals for service changes.
Over the next couple of years, changes are proposed to reintroduce bus service to Northern Lights College, after Route #1 – Northside changed to service the new hospital, as well as adjusting bus schedules to better match school and work times. There are also plans to move the bus stop at the hospital closer for patients, and to introduce new bus stops, with better, more frequent snow removal.
In the next five years, it's suggested that the frequency of certain routes be improved, as well as service be extended on weekdays and Saturdays and new service be established on Sundays and holidays. The City and B.C. Transit are also looking at expanding the service to the north and southeast of the city, possibly connecting with North Peace Airport, and in the long-term expand into neighbouring districts.
Open house consultations will be held at NLC and other public places in late March for the public to comment on the draft service change proposals. The review process is expected to be completed in April, with implementation in September 2013. Some changes, like new fleet requests, will take longer, as it can take 18 to 24 months for a new bus to be ordered and delivered.