2013 Community Awards nominations released

The nominations for the six awards were announced today, meant to recognize the dedication and generosity of the city’s residents, businesses and volunteers. Tickets for the event cost $35 at City Hall, the Visitor Information Centre and the Lido Theatre.

The nominations are below:


Cultural Person of the Year – Mary Campbell, Russell Eggleston, Garry Oker, Barb Daley, Sabrina Bailey, Beth Morrison, Oliver Mott

Literacy Award – Azucena Furman, Shar’s Café, Jean McFadden, Paula London

Recreation Person of the Year – Paul Kalas, Barb McCracken, Rob Larson, Ann Green, Darren Snider, Doug McCracken, Clinton Green, Donna Sipe, Connie Richter

Humanitarian Award – Allan Markin, Connie Morris, Tom Cole, North Peace Justice Society

Youth of the Year – Robbie McMullin, Cheyenne Radcliffe, FSJ League of United Youth

Mayor’s Citizen of the Year – Adam Horst, Michelle Svisdahl