Arthur Hadland kicks off election campaign

“This is about ideas, it’s about issues, and it’s about independence, independent thinking,” he says. “We have for too long had fettered thinking in our legislative assembly.”

Hadland ran a strong second to incumbent Liberal MLA Pat Pimm in the 2009 provincial election getting 31.8 per cent of the vote. At his campaign kickoff, he reiterated his belief that the party system is “broken”, emphasizing the effect that Independent MLAs Vicki Huntington, Bob Simpson and John van Dongen have had over the past few years.


“When I think about corruption, it’s about not having sort of a balancing voice, and I don’t think we get a full balancing voice with a party system,” he argues. “To me, I think people have given up on the process. I think that the process can be renewed, hope can be restored and we can do a better job in British Columbia.”

Hadland also took a number of questions from the crowd, and maintained his stance against the Site C dam, argued fish farms need to brought out of the ocean, and spoke against the outsourcing of jobs in our country.

The Peace River Regional District Area C Director was recently named by The Globe and Mail as one of three candidates to watch this provincial election, and has also been endorsed by the provincial Green Party.