B.C. NDP selects Peace Region candidates

In addition to his current position as the mayor of Tumbler Ridge, Wren also works in counselling services for Northern Health.

Fox-McGuire works in the Energetic City as a probation officer, and was born and raised in the north. Although she has never held a political position before, she has some experience in politics through her work with unions, and also argues her newcomer status may work to her advantage.


“Despite the appearance of me not having any campaign experience, maybe that actually works in my favour, because I’m not out to be a politician, I’m out to be a problem solver and to help people.”

Fox-McGuire says the timing is now right, and the B.C. NDP became a clear choice for her after she saw NDP leader Adrian Dix speak at a convention she was at last November.

“I just really liked his message of ‘it’s time for a change for the better and we want to be positive about B.C. and take politics in the right direction’, and that meant a lot to me,” she says. “I want to be part of the NDP party because we share the same values,” she adds, pointing to working on the child poverty rate and income inequality as two priorities for the province.

Fox-McGuire argues there is a misconception of the New Democrats in this region, in that the party is bad for the economy. While she admits it will be hard to change some people’s minds, she wants the Peace Region to know, “it’s not true”.

Most of all, the mother of four says she wants to do everything she can for the place she lives and loves.

“I do want to represent the people of Peace River North,” she maintains. “I want to help people; that’s been my job for 10 years. I want to expand that to helping other people, every person in the riding and make this area continue to be the best area in the province.”

B.C. NDP Critic for Aboriginal Relations Scott Fraser also spoke at both nomination meetings, and emphasized the need for support to the packed room at the North Peace Cultural Centre.

“This has to be a grassroots campaign, and Judy needs to win it from the ground up. That’s essential, and we’re all part of that.”