BCAA asking citizens about the worst roads in B.C.

Until May 27th, the public is encouraged to share their thoughts on roads that are in need of either redesign, repair, or both. BCAA will then publish the top ten results and pass the information on to government in hopes of improvements.

One of the reasons for asking for the public’s help is the amount of calls BCAA takes in regarding tire issues from driving on provincial roads. The organization says they receive an average of 50,000 calls a year on tire related issues.


“Tire issues can be caused by a number of factors, but poor road conditions certainly don’t help,” says Ken Cousin, BCAA’s associate vice president of Road Assist. “Swerving to avoid potholes or hitting them head-on is a safety risk, not to mention the damage it does to vehicles. We want to help our Members and British Columbians have their say about the state of our roads.”

Damaged roads aren’t the only roads that can be nominated in the survey. Roads that are poorly designed or that are frequently congested can be brought to BCAA’s attention as well, same with tunnels and bridges.

Roads that are too narrow for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to share safely also qualify as a worst road.

To nominate a road, visit bcaa.com/worstroads