Fort Nelson Secondary receives funding for environmental efforts

Pimm explains the funding will go towards cleaner air improvements, reduced energy consumption and lower operation costs.

“Mechanical and electrical improvements are an excellent investment in our local schools and our community. Cleaner air benefits all of our residents, and we appreciate the work that the school district and the Ministry of Education have done to improve our environment.”


Minister of Education Don McRae adds the new improvements will benefit not just the environment, but the school as well.

“The Ministry of Education and the Fort Nelson School District have teamed up to make energy retrofits to their school, and as a result, they’ll continue to cut their energy and gas consumption and save on their operating costs in the process.”

Since 2006, the district has spent $2.5 million on mechanical and electrical system upgrades, which has come from the school’s annual Facilities Grant, as well as local funding.

The additional $2.3 million will provide the district the opportunity to complete some necessary retrofits at the secondary school, including a new digital system as well as a new split air handling system, with free cooler capacity for computer rooms.

To accompany the mechanical and electrical improvements, the district has also implemented strategies for further reductions of carbon footprints, including boiler systems being completely shut down during the summer seasons when the building is mostly unoccupied.