Fresh faces on Fort St. John Farmers Market executive

The Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary joined her in leaving the executive board, while other current members switched around positions. Three other people also entered the board for the first time.

Hetman has never been involved with the organization before, but says he grew up in town and has worked with similar groups.

“I really believe in supporting our local people any which way that we can, and the Farmers Market is the perfect avenue to do that,” he says. “It gets our their local products and it gets us eating healthier and enjoying stuff that made in town, not having to drive for three hours to get it.”

The Farmers Market’s lease with the City to use the North Peace Arena is up at the end of the year, and Hetman says finding a permanent location is a top long-range goal. They already have a couple of promising options, and as their current contract can be cancelled with two weeks notice, the hope is to be moved into a new home by the end of the summer. Hetman says they’ll also look at being open for both Saturday and Sunday once they are settled in.

The Farmers Market has seen a decline in shoppers over the past two years, and Hetman believes monthly theme days and local entertainment will help bring in more people.

“Just to get more people down and more people interested, that way it helps out local talent as well,” he explains. “It’s kind of going to be a win-win for everyone if this all works out right.”

While the Farmers Market’s relationship with the City has been strained in the past, Hetman hopes to rebuild it and look to City Hall for help with getting the word out about the weekly market. To that end, posts on its Facebook page are increasing, and a website with vendor profiles is being built.