Land across from NLC rezoned for new church development

Matt Loewen, a member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, says it has owned the property since 1980 and with celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, it needs more space.

“At this time we’re running out of room in our existing facility downtown so we’re looking for another building to expand,” he explains.


The currently undeveloped land would be turned into a church with a capacity for 800 seats, as well as classrooms, a banquet hall, gymnasium and office. Loewen emphasizes that the church was the building to available for use by the whole community.

“It’s not just for members of the church. It’ll be open to be used for members of the community in whichever way is feasible.”

He points to weddings, youth gatherings, seniors socializing and Northern Lights College study space as possibilities.

The plans for the building are still rough, but the plan is to create an “attractive piece of real estate” with lots of green space, that will be a welcoming entrance into the city from the north.¬†Loewen also says there will be ample parking for all users.