MLA Pimm attacks NDP comment on province’s LNG plans

Pimm is accusing the New Democrats of trying to throw roadblocks intoLNG development, when the party claims it’s in favour of the industry.

“We’ve been very clear and honest when it comes to recovering natural gas and the opportunities it presents,” says Pimm. “This is an opportunity of a generation and we need to seize it, work with companies to make it happen and not place obstacles in the way.”
“If we do this right, we can create a Prosperity Fund that will eliminate the debt for children,” he adds. “This is an opportunity that is before us now and the NDP seem to just want to wait, delay and put up roadblocks. Instead of calling this ‘insanity’ they should tell us what their plans are.”
Fleming’s comment was made during a discussion on fracking between representatives of each political party. The Victoria-Swan Lake MLA told Moose FM/ that his remark was referring to the Prosperity Fund Pimm mentions, which, when announced during this year’s Throne Speech, is expected to hold over $100 billion in LNGroyalties and business taxes over the next 30 years.
“[Christy Clark] announced that there would be this Prosperity Fund that would bring $200 billion into the provincial treasury before a single LNG plant is even up and running and the industry has made a single dollar of their own profit,” he says.
He argues the Liberal party is trying to sell their plan far into the future, but avoiding a “real” discussion about the current status of the province.
“The discussion should be about how to do that, not creating some illusion, forecasting to 2038 in an industry that regularly looks at energy prices on a quarterly basis. It’s just pure fantasy.”