New superintendent looking to “hit the ground running”

“I’m looking forward to some exciting times in education. I think that we’ve got a great district and I hope I can live up to everybody’s expectations and keep it going in the right direction.” 

As with any administration, there will be some position juggling, especially as the school board now needs to find a replacement Assistant Superintendent. If that person comes from in house, their position will subsequently need to be filled. 


Although excited to be in the position now, Sloan concedes he never thought he’d have the opportunity to step up, figuring Espe would stay on longer. However, the “humbling” amount of encouragement and support he has received convinced him to put his name forward. 

“Opportunities come along and get in your way and you can take them or pass them by and I’ve always been more of a ‘let’s take this opportunity and see where it takes us’ kind of person,” he says. “I couldn’t do the job that Larry does, but I can do this job.”

Outgoing Espe has nothing but good things to say about Sloan and his future with the school district, and is excited to see where he takes things. 

“He’s been part of the journey for the last six years and I think he’s absolutely big on continuing with the innovative spirit and the change agenda that is public education these days,” he says. “He’s a smart guy, he’s articulate, he’s well-read, well-written, and he’ll be awesome.” 

Sloan was appointed Assistant Superintendent in February 2011 and has worked for the school district for 24 years in many roles including Director of Instruction, Principal, Vice-Principal and teacher.