“Positive start” to Judy Fox-McGuire’s campaign

The next week for the first time political candidate will include getting signs up around the city and knocking on as many doors as possible. The New Democrats released their economic platform late last week, which Fox-McGuire says shows the party is being up front about spending.

“The NDP has said all along that they’re going to tell people what they’re going to do, how they’re going to do it, and how they’re going to pay for it, because people have been really putting up with sort of surprises,” she says. “Two weeks after the last election the HST came out and I think people felt like they had been lied to.”


Part of the plan released included expanding the carbon tax to include venting emissions from the oil and gas sector, phased in over four years. Fox-McGuire argues that won’t affect day to day business in this area, and will bring producers that don’t vent to an

“Because it’s a phased in program it will give them time to sort of develop better processes on that, so that they can be rewarded when they are being environmentally responsible about what they’re putting into the atmosphere.”

The Peace Region native argues that the party system is not broken, and that people, like herself, can make their views known to government with heard work, adding it is likely the NDP will win the provincial election.

“We need good, strong voices within the party system to push our agenda, and our agenda is the continued success of the North Peace and making sure that the benefits that are taken out are returned to the North Peace.”