Province announces $13.8 million in funding for employment and training

B.C. Premier Christy Clark says students throughout the province will have increased access to regional training opportunities as a result of the $7 million, one-time funding to 19 post-secondary establishments.

The funding is intended to allow those schools to target specific, short-term training that’s necessary to meet the labour market needs of industry within their region.


Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training says the funding will not only provide immediate benefits, but also help the provincial work force thrive for years to come.

“This funding will help ensure that regions throughout the province have skills workers both today and in the future.” He adds, “the Regional Skills Training Plans developed by the Regional Workforce Tables will help align existing training programs to local jobs in the region and help people take advantage of the significant economic opportunities that exist in B.C.”

Meanwhile, the $6.8 million expansion to the Job Match program is meant to help reduce the amount of unemployed British Columbians.

Job Match was first introduced as a $2.6 million pilot in Northern B.C. in July, 2012, focussing on matching unemployed British Columbians with jobs in the construction industry.

Since its introduction, over 325 workers, mostly northern residents, have successfully entered the construction workforce, exceeding the original hopes of 250 people by March 31, 2012.

Premier Christy Clark says the program is more than an investment of money, it’s an investment into the well being of British Columbians.

“There are lots of ways to make a difference in someone’s life, but one of the best is ensuring they have the support and skills they need to be successful in the job market. Despite challenging economic times, we are committed to further building its partnership with industry leaders to deliver training and provide support that gives people the best possible outcome. That’s an investment worth making.”

Job Match is funded equally through the Canada-B.C. Labour Market Agreement, and the Canada-B.C. Labour Market Development Agreement.