Rockies Regional Municipality receives Crown land grants for airport improvements, trail

“The Northern Rockies Regional Airport moved over 100,000 passengers through its facilities in 2012,” argues Pimm. “With a busy fire season in the Fort Nelson Fire District, it also handled a substantial increase in air traffic involved in fire suppression activities. The airport is a vital and integral service to the residents and economy of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, and this land transfer allows them to proactively plan for the future.”
Fort Nelson Mayor Bill Streeper explains this land transfer, assessed at $776,000, is intended to reduce flight line obstacles and allow the airport to install wildlife fencing.
“We’ve got a booming economy up here, and it’s reflected in the continued growth in air traffic at our airport,” he says. “Receiving ownership of this additional land around the airport means we can proactively plan for that growth and increase safety for both air traffic and wildlife.”
While in Fort Nelson, Pimm also announced another land grant of 20 hectares to the Regional Municipality, that includes a three kilometre strip adjacent to the Horn River Light Industrial Park. A trail will be built there connecting the industrial park to nearby neighbourhoods. The land is valued at $280,000.