Taking the pledge to fly from YXJ

Along with it is a contest for everyone that takes the pledge at the airport, who can win travel incentives like flight vouchers by entering the draw. The grand prize winner will be drawn on the Sunday of the Fort St. John Air Show, July 28.

 The NPAS members took the pledge this morning, reading out loud, “I understand this commitment will benefit me, my family, my business, my community and my region.” Their pledge lasts until the Air Show.


 Society Chair Fred Jarvis argues that committing to flying local sets an example, and makes the community aware of the value of its own airport. 

“Without this airport, there would be a tremendous void in our economy and our lifestyle,” he says. “I believe we should endeavour to make sure our operators keep operations going well wherever possible to make sure our airport is competition with the others.” 

He points out that the issue of high airline prices is a national problem, and not just limited to northern B.C. While the Airport Society has no control over the cost of flights, Jarvis believes increased traffic and interest will help bring prices down over time.