Upgrades to parking, water and sewer this summer at North Peace Airport

“There will be increased passenger traffic as a result of West Jet and Air Canada expanded services,” he explains. “The society wanted to ensure that there is an adequate and safe parking area for the travelling public. This expansion will also benefit our onsite business operators.” 

The first phase of the parking lot expansion this summer will include adding 100 new parking stalls, increasing the number of rental car spaces to 120 and installing a new pay parking system. There are also plans to move the snow storage area, with the whole phase to cost $2.2 million. 


There is no timeline set for the second phase of the upgrades, which will include creating a charter bus lane, further work on the existing rental car area and improving the main parking area. 

At the same time, the airport’s water and sewer system will start being reconstructed in June. The old pipes will be replaced, in an effort to have better system reliability, lower maintenance costs and help firefighters. 

The Airport Improvement Fee at the North Peace Airport was increased to $18 last December to cover the approximately $23 million in capital improvements that are needed over the next ten years to meet the growing demands of the airport. It’s expected with the increase the AIF will fund 55 per cent of the airport’s capital budget.