Volunteers work to make roads safer in Fort St. John

“Without the tireless efforts of our incredible volunteers, these road safety initiatives would not be possible,” said Diana Pozer, local road safety coordinator. “On behalf of everyone at ICBC, thank you! Your commitment to strengthening the safety of your community will undoubtedly inspire others to do more. You are truly making Fort St. John a safer place to live.”

Speed Watch volunteers in Fort St. John contributed approximately 60 hours to help reduce speed-related crashes in 2012. With the support of volunteers, speed-related crashes have decreased in B.C. over the last five years. Volunteers use radar and speed-reader boards supplied by ICBC to show drivers how fast they’re actually traveling. The equipment also helps volunteers monitor drivers’ speeds throughout their community including school and playground zones and high crash locations. Research shows that it works – over 70 per cent of drivers traveling 10km/h over the speed limit slow down when they see a speed-reader board.


In 2012, Fort St. John volunteers who operate the Stolen Auto Recovery program checked approximately 280 vehicles to look for signs of theft and help identify stolen vehicles. In 2012, volunteers throughout the province helped recover over 160 stolen vehicles. With their support, in the North Central region, we’ve seen a remarkable 64 per cent decrease in vehicle thefts and 83 per cent decrease in vehicle break-ins since 2003.

To learn more about how you can get involved and help keep your community safe, contact your local road safety coordinator, Diana Pozer at 250-561-5073.