Willow Moon Internal Arts showcase their talents as part of World Tai Chi Day

Members of the group went through a number of sets that varied in difficulty, and even involved the use of a sword. 

Tammy Bilodeau is the lead instructor for Willow Moon Internal Arts. She says that people may have heard of Tai Chi before, but don’t fully understand what it is.


“Tai Chi is movement that is done very mindfully, consciously and slowly with an emphasis on posture,” she says. “There are a number of benefits to Tai Chi such as lowering blood pressure, strengthening of thigh muscles and improving body awareness.”

Bilodeau adds that one of the great things about Tai Chi is that it is an athletic activity that almost anyone can do.

“Almost everybody can do Tai Chi because of it’s gentle aspect, there’s no impact to it,” she says. “People have many limitations in my classes such as knee and shoulder issues, and they are able to adapt.”