Zac Peterson wins first ever Daryl Mills PBR Invitational

He scored an 89 on his final bull, Team Paige, to secure his win with 244 points. 

“This was a really good bull,” he said after the event. “I was lucky to get him out on the short round.” 


According to Peterson his season hasn’t been going well lately, and a win like this can really turn things around. 

“It just changes the aspect of everything really,” he says. “With the amount of money and points you get here… it just puts you right back in the hunt to get on the top 35 in the world right now.” 

Going into the finals Stetson Lawrence was the rider to beat, but was unfortunately bucked off in the final round by the bull named Butterfly Effect. He finished the event in both second and third place, having double entered, and Skeet Kingsolver rounded out fourth with 165 points. 

The event is already being considered a success by organizers who plan to hold the next one in 2014 at the newly built Horse Park on the Swanson Lumber Road. As the second largest PBR event in the country, the invitational brought riders from as far as Australia and South America.

More photos from the championship round are below: