Get ready during Emergency Preparedness Week

Jeanne Walsh, Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator, explains that the week is meant to promote personal preparedness in our community. 

“All of these things are just a reminder that it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything that can happen,” she says. “A prepared community is a resilient community.”


There are three steps families are encouraged to take this week to ensure they’re prepared in case of an emergency. 

The first is to make themselves aware of the risks of the community they live in or are visiting. In the Peace Region those could be fires, hazardous spills, flooding from heavy rain or winter storms with blowing snow that could cause lengthy power outages. The second step is to create an emergency plan that lay out everything from how family members will make contact with each other, how they will meet, and what they will do in various scenarios. The final step is to create 72 hour emergency preparedness kits.

“In the event of a major emergency, residents could be on their own for up to 72 hours while the emergency responders are dealing with the immediate event,” Walsh explains. 

She suggests making kits for your office, car and home, with various items to you’re your family and pets sustained for three days. 

Mayor Lori Ackerman also stresses to “know your neighbour”, in case they’re a young family or seniors. 

“It’s important to know who they are and where they are and be able to do what neighbours do, give them a hand.” 

Guidelines for emergency plans and kits can be found on the City of Fort St. John’s website  and