Air Canada debuts Q-400 at North Peace Regional Airport

Fitti Lourenco is the Director of Government Affairs for Air Canada. He says the new place will allow Air Canada to expand the amount of passengers it can handle in and out of the city.

“The aircraft is delivering more capacity to Fort St. John, we’ve increased the capacity by 19 percent with the delivery of this aircraft,” he says. “It equals about 70 more seats a day, and we’re going to keep our flight frequency five flights a day just so we can maintain schedules from here to Vancouver, and make sure Fort St. John passengers can connect smoothly between the two airports.”

Aside from the increase to the number of people able to fly out of the airport using the new aircraft, flyers will also notice a number of improvements to their overall flying experience.

“The Q-400 is a very modern aircraft, and this is a brand new Q-400,” says Lourenco. “It is much more quieter than your regular dash 8’s, and also features a lot more interior room, so we’re talking about a more pleasurable experience between here and Vancouver, quieter,  more comfortable, and more leg room.”

When WestJet begins it’s service in Fort St. John on June 24, the carrier will also be using Q-400 aircrafts for service.