Alberta energy company wants to power B.C. gas fields

With plans calling for two or three plants in the Kitimat-Prince Rupert region, it follows that B.C.’S gas production will have to double or triple, to meet the demand. 

Noting current gas drilling operations now largely rely on electricity from diesel-fuelled generators, ATCO says it’s looking ahead to less expensive longer-term solutions. 

The newspaper cites a B.C. Energy Ministry email as saying the province is not aware of ATCO’S proposal, and will explore the capability of existing electric power transmission, before considering any new transmission lines. It also quotes Paul Kariya, of the Clean Energy Association of B.C., as claiming it has raised the issue with B.C. Hydro and the provincial government, but to date has been unsuccessful in changing government policy.

However, he says there is private sector interest in addressing the challenges presented by the lack of electricity, which he claims goes to a need right across northern B.C., and not just the Northeast Region.

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